Magic Realms Fanatic (Formerly EK Fanatic) – 10.6.1718.708

Hi there, everyone!

I’m Nharzhool ( [DS] Spectre in Magic Realms).

I had the opportunity to continue the great work that Peppa had done on the fantastic Simulator application.

Peppa has since given me access to his site to post here, and you’ll find the latest versionĀ here.

Until I’ve had a chance to figure out how to update Peppa’s Github Repo with my changes, just comment bugs here and I’ll address them as soon as I can.

EDIT: The source code can be found here.

Change log since the last version posted here:

– Added functionality for a few of the new skills: All condition-based skills (like the Judgement skills), Kotodama’s weird reincarnation thing, mass-silence,
– Added checks so that duplicate Demons aren’t found
– Set the Saved List to be sorted
– Set the Favourite Cards list to have Edit/Remove at the top
– Fixed server comms so that it now downloads the latest cards, runes, skills, and map data when you open the game

– Downloaded latest Cards/Runes/Skills JSON files and added AffectValue2Helper3 variable to process the card-based conditional skills.
– Added some checks to process skills containing percentages.

– Fixed server communicator to retrieve the image files from the new server, and added the Disunity application to process them properly
– Fixed the craze glitch calculations
– Updated single battle and replay battle form to show the entire deck
– updated for all of the new cards
– Updated Hydra deck list for the new card names
– Implemented Sacred Spring Skill
– Updated skills to take into account to new way Immunity is handled (Resurrection and healing)
– Implemented manual checks for Cloris and Gemini summon skills since the AffectValue doesn’t correctly reflect the appropriate cards
– Implemented Conjurer Skill