EKU released

A while ago, EK Unleashed became open source. I have forked it to make some improvements and fixed some issues where it would send too much requests to the server. As this will greatly benefit all users and Pete, the developer of EK Unleashed, is unable to release a new version, I have decided to create a release myself and publish it here.

Download EK Unleashed version


* Most fight replays are automatically saved (DI, Arena, maps and mazes). You can find them in Application -> Open logs and data folder -> Game Data -> Replays
* During Kingdom War, no attack requests are sent to attack nodes that you cannot reach, causing a lot less bogus requests depending on your priority list
* FoH tavern now properly rewards Fire Tokens instead of Free Spins (you will see them in your chest)
* Server requests to update demon health and ranking are now only done once every 5 seconds instead of every 250 milliseconds
* Don’t try to claim level rewards that you have already claimed when ‘Automatically claim leveling rewards’ is enabled (reduces server requests).

2 thoughts on “EKU released”

  1. FAILED! Are you firewalled or is the server down?

    This utility requires data from the EKUnleashed.com website to schedule automated game events.
    what can i do?
    I tried do disable the firewall but i didn’t work

  2. Having the same issue. FAILED Are you firewalled or is the server down.

    We need an official update on this amazing software.

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