12 thoughts on “Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released”

  1. I’ve asked this before but how do you get updates for the card art? The ../cache/resources/ folder in the zip only has the rune art, which has been the case for a while.

  2. Hello Peppa84, any news of a new update anytime soon? i know you must be busy with life in general but with all the new cards being released lately its difficult too get accurate results, keep doing what you do though, it helps us players immensely!!

  3. i did fail too mention though, seeing as EK isnt going anymore, your sim is needed for Magic Realms!! [you probably knew that already!!]

    1. Hi thomas,

      Thank you for your interest! I have stopped playing after EK shut down their servers. I might play Magic Realms in the future and continue with this project, but too busy with other things right now.

  4. Please place the source code on BitBucket so I can use work on the software, since you’re no longer working on it now that EK has shut down.

  5. Hi Peppa, as you said your busy!!! i totally understand *8/ if you have made the choice to play magic realms is it possible too update your sim? Magic Realms Team have been releasing more and more cards and runes every week which in turn is making the work you’ve done, almost redundant, a good friend of mine as been tweaking your sim with almost all of the cards and runes being released so far (if you want a revised version of your own sim, i can send you it) but were not sure if it is accurate with the results? friend request me in game (MR) or email back, kind regards UkHSilverfox

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