Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released

Download the latest version here.

– You are now able to select a level 100 (legendary) thief as opponent. Tweak your thief decks!
– Now able to load map stages from the server
– The card searcher now displays the evolution chain of the selected card. Clicking on the cards select them in the list, unless they are hidden due to filters

– In several places, images are loaded in the background to make the application more responsive
– When you select a different card, its level is reset to 10 and its evo skill is removed.
– When editing a card, it will now be selected in the list instead of having its name as filter.
– Remember hero level when closing application
– Slightly moved the deck editor to remove the clipping
– Slightly adjusted the FoH simulator fight results output
– Highlight stars / race of the selected card in the Card Searcher
– Remember the last server you have connected to

– Fixed crash with Mineral rune

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