Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released

Download the latest version here. Report issues over here.

– You can now use your email address or UIN to log in on the game server. If you choose to do this, your own decks and cards will be downloaded. You can use the card searcher to display only the cards which you own.
– If a new update is released, you will now get a notication when you start the program.
– Death Marker implemented
– Dying Strike implemented

– Card searcher will now remember your filter settings and previously added card.
– Kingdom war is now capped at 500 fights per life

– Fixed issue where decks with [Race] Guard cards would give too positive results in KW mode
– Fix some variables not being sent correctly to the game server
– Fixed issues loading invalid replay files
– Fixed issue where a KW replay would not display the correct health amounts
– Asura’s Flame and the direct damage part of Apocalypse are now properly reflected
– Fixed issue where exiling summoned cards would return it to your deck, causing it to be drawn and entering play as if it were a normal card.
– Fixed issue where hero level would not always be properly applied
– Fixed issues loading invalid EW and KW deck lists

4 thoughts on “Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released”

  1. I am not liking the new behavior when clicking on a card: I usually want the card I’m clicking on to appear so I can update levels or tinker with evos, not have the last one I searched for in another slot appear. And also focus is now on the OK button rather then the name field so I can’t just start typing a name to search for… Unless I’m trying to drop the same card into every slot I’m just not understanding this setup. I much prefer the old flow.

    1. Ah, I understand what you mean. My goal with the changes to the card searcher was to remember the filter flags, so if you for example wanted to see only 5* forest, the next card edit would also use these settings. I also liked it when constructing a deck around a certain skill, for example Ice Shield. That flow was pretty bad in my opinion in the previous versions.

      I completely overlooked the impact of the card search field though. I will change it by clearing the input field and putting focus on it when the dialog is opened, like you are used to. This will also mean that if you first add an card after searching and then edit another one, you will get to see the edited card again instead of whatever was in the search box.

      1. What will happen if I click on a spot containing an existing card though, will it show the card I’m clicking on (with its appropriate levels / evos) or the last one searched for?

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