Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released

Download the latest version here. Report issues over here. Do you wish to contribute? The source code is available here.


– You can mark a card as Favourite. Favourite cards will be added to the right-mouse menu when you click on a card in the editor so you can easily add this card.

– Following skills have been implemented: Break Ice, Caesar’s Strike, Cold Blood and Summon Weapon (which means Brutal Claw is now also working)

– Display card wait time in the card searcher
– Added Treasure Goblin to Elemental War menu for convenience

– Fixes issue loading EW decks where Sacred Flame as evolve skill would not be recognized
– Fixed issue where you could only click on one of the evolve food cards to navigate to that card
– Fixed small rounding issue with MPM

– Retargeted solution to use .NET 4.0 instead of 4.5 for better compatibility with Windows XP and EK Unleashed

11 thoughts on “Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released”

  1. Great thanks 🙂

    Is there a chance for all ew decks in next version?
    I am too lazy to use crystarks 😉
    I love your work.

    1. I believe all EW decks are available, but if you notice anything missing, feel free to open an issue here

      You can always manually create EW opponents by the way. Either in the sim itself or by editing cache/decks_EW.txt

  2. Can you please update moon druids first ability too?
    Ek changed this. Now it works only 1 time in a battle.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. I think it should run if you have the latest version of the .NET framework installed – though I cannot verify this as I do not have Windows XP anywhere anymore 😉

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