Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released

Download the latest version here. Report issues over here. Do you wish to contribute? The source code is available here.


– Added DI merit cards.

– Made deck list a bit wider
– Load replay battle rounds in the background

– Fixed issue where merit cards are not properly saved if not all of them are filled in
– You will now properly get 1 merit if you did not hit the demon at all

4 thoughts on “Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released”

    1. I’ll go and find that deck list. You can always manually create an EW deck. As long as there is a legendary creature in the deck, it will use the health and attack modifiers that are used ingame.

  1. 1) For fodder cards that can be used to evolve multiple targets (i.e. Infernal Simian I think is serving *3* different ones now) is there any way to display that when looking at the card? Maybe put a + or the word multiple in the target card portrait box when that is the case and show all of them in the tooltip?

    2) Is there any way the evolution power selection components can be made a bit wider, both the manual arrow drop down and the box that comes up when typing? Desperation and Quick Strike abilities both take up so much real estate that it is troublesome to figure out which strength number is being selected.

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