Elemental Kingdoms Fanatic released

Download the latest version here. Report issues over here. Do you wish to contribute? The source code is available here.


– Following skills have been implemented: Crazy, Sensitive, Soul Imprison, Spiritual Voice and Suppressing (which mean Acrobatics, Melody and Soul Devour are now also working)

– Made evolution skill dropdown wider so it is easier to read the skill name
– Card searcher now displays up to 4 cards for which the current card can be used as evolve food
– Version number is now visible without scrolling in round 1 of FoH

– Fixed issue where Clean Sweep would sometimes not hit the target on the right
– Fixed issue where Clean Sweep and Chain Attack would ignore overkill damage
– Fixed issue where AfterDamageDealt effects (like Bloodsucker, Bloodthirst, Puncture, etc) would be applied twice on the secondary Clean Sweep targets

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